“My mission is to help as many people in my lifetime as I possibly can…

…and the best way that I know how is through Chiropractic!”

Dr. Lindeman:

“I believe that every human being has the inborn ability to be healthy. I believe that health comes from the inside not from the outside. I believe we do need to do things to improve our health, but it is not about altering chemistry. The body is in constant flux, moving, adapting, etc. All of this is controlled and coordinated by the nervous system. The nervous system begins in the brain and runs through the spine via the spinal cord where the communication separates into hundreds of thousands of nerve fibers to control and coordinate every muscle, tissue and cell in the body. Interference to the nervous system breaks down this communication. The most common cause of interference is bony misalignment. When these bones alter their position due to trauma, toxins, stress, adaptations, etc this interference decreases our body’s ability to function. Chiropractic care seeks to remove the interference by re-aligning these bony structures to allow the communication to be restored. A gentle adjustment given in the correct manner has the potential to reduce pain, restore health and prevent dis-ease. The current state of health in the US is very poor, and the only definitive reason we can point to is lifestyle. We have access to a vast amount of technology, medical treatments, our water is “cleaner” and our food is “better protected” than anywhere else in the world. Yet our health still declines. The health benefits of Chiropractic are far reaching, yet it is tragically under-utilized. Chiropractic is simple, affordable, there are almost no side-effects, and Chiropractic is incredibly successful (90% success rate). By serving others through Chiropractic, I can improve the health of that individual. By delivering love, kindness and efficiency, this individual will tell others about their results. The people they tell will become Chiropractic patients in our office or elsewhere. The amount of people I can help is unlimited, and therefore the health of America can be improved exponentially by each patient I have the honor of serving.”

Jessica Kulakowski: Office Manager, Chiropractic Assistant

“My purpose is to truly care, and better the lives of our patients, by being as compassionate and loving as I can. As Office Manager and Chiropractic Assistant, I am growing as a person both inside the office and outside the office at home. I love to challenge myself daily to improve in all aspects of life and work. I look forward everyday to contributing to the lives of my co-workers and patients. I strive for the best possible self I can be in order to provide the best care that I can for everyone I have the honor of meeting. I am so grateful to influence so many people’s lives for the better!”