“Can’t put into words how positive of an experience I’ve had with this entire office. From the front office staff to Dr. Lindeman himself, I have felt comfortable and in trusting hands the entire time. They put the interest of their patients first, and that brings a great sense of comfort when you are new to an area dn looking for someone to trust. I highly recommend Lindeman Chiropractic, and I’m very happy to have found them.” – Casey H

“My family and I began going to Lindeman Chiropractic when I fell and injured myself chasing a wet dog on a wet floor. Dr Lindeman helped my regain extension in my arm through the elbow and my fingers stopped twitching uncontrollably. Dr. Lindeman was always able to help get the kinks out of my back….and gently with out twisting me like a pretzel! Over the 2+ years my two boys (4 and 2 years old) and myself have gone weekly to Lindeman Chiropractic for care. We’ve been healthier than ever, with very few colds and illnesses! Dr. Lindeman and his staff are amazing with my boys. I’ve had more energy and feel that my body moves more fluidly. If any family member or friend expresses that they’re in pain or discomfort I would recommend them to Dr. Lindeman with complete faith that he could assist them.” -Jenny B

“When I first came to Dr. Lindeman I was a mess, I could hardly walk and figured my days of being active were over. Today I am on my feet all day as a teacher, coaching basketball, and working as a valet on the weekends. Dr. J has truly changed my life. Dr. J honestly and genuinely cares about the health of his patients. It’s a pleasure being treated so kindly by both Dr. J and Julie (the amazing assistant) every time I see them. I would, and have, highly recommend Lindeman Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for a life with less pain and greater health!”- Sean B.

“I began seeing Dr. Lindeman for back pain, but when I became pregnant, I found out my baby was in a breech position. Through his specialized treatments (gentle chiropractic and acupuncture) my baby turned and was headed in the right direction! I was able to avoid a C-section!! Thank you Dr. Lindeman!” -Monica S.

“A Super generous and genius Doc. Fixed up the “hubby” right away.”-Julie D.

“I initially started seeing Dr. Lindeman for severe pain in my neck that had been building for several years. I went to another Chiropractor before seeing Dr. Lindeman and was not impressed. Since beginning care at Lindeman Chiropractic, the improvement in my condition has been phenominal! I live without pain now!”-Sam L.

“Amazing and gentle doctor. Spends great quality time with each patient. Awesome staff- so sweet. Spectacular new office with great technology and killer massage beds and more to help, while you wait to be seen by Joel. Recommend for sure!”-Natalie W.

“I simply can’t go to a different chiropractor. Dr Lindeman has improved my life greatly. I highly recommend him.”-Michelle H .

“I tell everyone how wonderful I feel after my weekly visits! My back always feels great afterwards! Thanks Dr. J”-Diana B

“Woo hoo! We kicked our double ear infection with garlic oil and chiropractic! Thank you Dr Lindeman!!!!”-Sara W.

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis approx. 6 years ago. I had partial paralysis on my right side and had lost the feeling of hot and cold in my left hand. Since seeing Dr. Lindeman I have regained feeling in my left hand. I feel great! -Susan R.

“Thank for adjusting Bella after practices and before competitions, Dr. Joel! In Anaheim her team won National Champs and Grand Champions! Thanks for keeping her healthy and strong!”-Noemi S.

“It is magical how much better I feel after an adjustment!”-Lisa C.

“My daughter Teagen has had lots of issues with ear infections and allergies, I had heard that chiropractic could help with allergies so we started taking her to Dr. Joel for adjustments. As a skeptic I was quite surprised that it helped-a lot! She now sees him every couple of weeks. She can breathe and we can definitely tell when it is time for an adjustment. My husband and I also get adjusted by Dr. Joel regularly so he is taking care of the whole family. Teagen loves to come in!-Therese M.

“Dr. Lindeman is very kind, gentle and generous. He helped correct my injured knee immensely. I had given up hope after seeing other doctors. He also understands that in order for patients to get adjusted regularly so that they can get the best results, it has to be financially feasable. His family plan is awesome! Our children are very comfortable in the office and look forward to getting adjusted by Dr. Joel. I appreciate the flexibility of his appointment schedule, I can be treated when it works for my hectic schedule. Thanks Dr. Lindeman.”-Jacquelyn I.

“I had a great experience yesterday at your office. It was so interesting to see and feel the misalignment and the problems they cause. To be honest, I went mostly just because I didn’t want to say no to my friend who referred me to you, but I am now a firm believer. Thanks again!”-Nicole S.

“By far, the best chiropractic care I’ve ever had. Very gentle, accommodating, and will work with any insurance.” -Cathy Z.

“A simple thanks is not enough to express the thanks and gratitude I have for your skills as a doctor and the concern you have for your patient’s well-being. After more than two decades of dealing with neck and back pain, I was finally forced to seek help when breathing became difficult due to back pain. After the first couple of visits I was able to breathe easier and the headaches eased up. Chiropractic care has done more than reduce and eliminate pain, it has given me my life back! With less pain, I have more energy and my wife is thrilled. I feel like enjoying life again.” -Marty A.

“For several months, I wasn’t sleeping, my joints ached, I had headaches and I was very moody. My Dr. told me to start taking Prozac, and it would solve all of my problems. So I had a couple of friends who referred me to Dr. Lindeman. When he took my x-rays, he showed me what my neck was supposed to look like and what it looked like in reality. Geez! The first time he adjusted my neck, I almost cried in relief! I slept that night-all night-for the first time in months. My mood stabilized, my knees stopped hurting, my headaches went away. I felt normal again. I hadn’t realized how much I had been hurting or how uncomfortable I had been-I guess I had just gotten used to it. Chiropractic has made a world of difference! Prozac indeed!!!” -Katherine S.

“Happy to be able to move today…yesterday i woke up early to a loud pop and grinding noise in my hip and neck, then I couldnt move for a long time…after I was able to move a little I went to see my Ciropractor, Doc Joel Lindeman and fixed me right up…I feel so much better, thank you soo…ooooo much Doc Lindeman you are the best!”-Rachel Z.